The Experience of someone with Anti Aging and Bone Density concerns

I have been working in healthcare for 20 years. Part of my job is to process the doctor’s orders for patients in the hospital and in outpatient clinics. It is disturbing how much medication the average patient is prescribed. In many cases they must take more drugs to counteract some of the side effects and follow a bowel protocol as well.

When people question my decision to take the XANGO Products, I tell them it’s my insurance policy. I would much rather spend my hard earned money on products that keep me healthy.

I started into menopause at 35 and was diagnosed with Osteopenia in my 40’s. When I was prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy, it didn’t help. I went into a depression and gained weight. During that time I also lost bone density. It didn’t take me long to research alternatives and make the decision to switch. My results speak for themselves.

In June 2013 my bone density results showed that I am maintaining! My doctors words were, “Whatever you are doing, keep it up!” Music to my ears!

I am in my 50’s and I feel great! I do not take any drugs! I only take XANGO products.

This is the account of Leanne G. from Victoria, BC, which is one of the items in 31 Reasons We Love Our Mangosteen. This is a collection of product experiences assembled by the Healthy Business Consulting Team in 2016. The foreword reads as follows:

In this booklet  I am sharing with you some personal experiences from individuals my wife and I personally know.  I take great satisfaction in knowing that by sharing XANGO’s line of health and wellness products, I was able to contribute to these success stories, making a positive difference in their lives. To your good health! Ron Gale

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