Mangosteen for Horses

christine schwab
Christine Schwab of Calgary, Alberta describes her experience with mangosteen juice in the following account.

After being diagnosed with severe Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and given a very poor prognosis for returning to a normal life, I had such life changing results from the mangosteen juice that I began to experiment by using the juice with our animals.

They too were having some health challenges and modern medicines were not helping, instead causing some horrible side effects.

Animals are now plagued with the same problems of over vaccination, and disease resistant bacteria, just like humans. Except they cannot speak to tell us what’s wrong or hurting.

I wanted to see what the juice’s potential was with animals because they don’t know anything about placebo effects. They just begin to feel better, and start acting full of life again. As we gave the juice to treat one ailment, we noticed other areas of the body benefiting as well.

This has become my life’s passion. To share what this wonderful juice can do, because it literally gave me my life back!

It has also greatly affected our animal’s quality of life, as well as avoided some costly vet bills. Using something natural to help the bodies of both humans and animals work optimally is a win win for everyone.

Here are the stories of just 3 of the horses who have experienced the benefits that the mangosteen can provide.

Mandy’s Story

In the summer of 2011 my 16 year old Arabian mare became laminitic. She had a pounding digital pulse, was lame and very sore and didn’t want to walk. She has had laminitis before and is very sensitive to too much grass – about 70 lbs of extra weight had crept up on her.

I took her off pasture and put her in a paddock and put her on 2 gms of Bute daily. Chris introduced me to Xango juice and mentioned that it was good for inflammation so I began feeding it to her (between 2-4 ounces daily, at first) along with the Bute. I was concerned about giving her any extra sugar but was assured by a Vet who knows about Xango juice that the juice is very low glycemic and safe even for diabetics.

My mare also had chronic low-grade scratches and dermatitis on her pasterns and lower hind legs. One particular spot on her right front pastern would heal somewhat but never go away completely. The scratches had become worse with the weight gain and I wondered / suspected if the extra sugar in her system from the grass might have something to do with it. I also used Xango cream (a home-made cream made from Glaxal Base moisturizing cream and dehydrated Xango juice/jelly) on the scratches.

After about 4 days her pain seemed to have diminished enough that I stopped giving her Bute. Also, the scratches began clearing up and within 2 weeks they had greatly improved and the skin was mostly smooth and “bump-free”. The problem spot on her right front pastern cleared up to the point that it was barely detectable and eventually it disappeared.

I think that due to its high anti-inflammatory properties, the Xango juice probably helped with the pain, the scratches and it helped stabilize her blood sugar levels. I keep her on a maintenance dose of 2 ounces of Xango juice, 3 o 4 times per week.

Zahr’s Story

After we had wonderful results with the mangosteen juice on our old lab, we decided to try the juice on our daughter’s Arabian horse who had badly injured his back leg.

Having done numerous x-rays, and vet consultations, a hairline fracture was finally discovered in his hock joint which, over time, had resulted in substantial arthritis developing, leaving a very poor prognosis for long term soundness.

It was suggested by the vet that the horse be retired, with no chance at the show career that my daughter was hoping for. We tried the injection route, acupuncture, osteopathy and every arthritis joint care product out there with little to no success.

I contacted a lady I knew who had used the juice successfully on her daughter’s show horse that had a broken cannon bone, torn suspensory ligament and severe arthritis in his hocks, and that gave us hope. She said they had tried the juice on their horse and it worked better than (and was way more cost effective than the x-rays, injections, medications and acupuncture they were doing) she said they started giving the horse 2 oz 2x day and saw amazing results.

I’m happy to say that we too have had amazing results with the mangosteen juice, and my daughter is planning to re-enter the show ring next year.

Nuju’s Story

And then there’s our young guy – he’s an Arabian Saddlebred cross who suffered a bad rope burn on the back of his pastern (which is just above the heel of his foot). It was quite raw and sore and was about the size and thickness of my thumb.

When I would attempt to put ointment on it, he would flinch and try to pull his foot away, as it was extremely sore and sensitive.

I reduced the mangosteen juice down to a paste and mixed it with a few drops of pericarp oil and galaxal base to make a cream. When I first put it on, he sighed, then, relaxed his foot, no longer dreading having the ointment put on his injury. I should add that he was also getting the juice in his food.

The scar healed beautifully, to the point you can hardly tell it’s there and actually have look for it.

The other problem we have with this guy is that he has white legs and feet, which means they are more fragile and prone to developing scratches (it’s believed to be a bacterial infection usually triggered by wet muddy conditions).

Last year we had a really wet spring and one very muddy pasture.

We increased the juice that he was getting to 4 oz every 2nd day, and he was the only horse out in his field that didn’t suffer from scratches or foot problems caused from the wetness.

This was a big first, as we had seen him with a good case of scratches the year prior, when he came home from the trainers place.

We had such great results with our horses, that we have mentioned it to a few of the people out at the stable when issues came up.

The above was provided by Ron Gale, Fitness Consultant
Healthy Business Consulting Ltd.
Vancouver, BC


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