XANGO Juice for Pets

The kitten my son had chosen, was apparently the runt of the litter and we were told that she would not live that long because she was born with a weakness in her hind limbs, some abnormalities in her spine and a kinked tail to boot as she was part Manx.

Kinky was very tiny. Sitting in the palm of our hand she would slowly take in food and bee pollen granules to support her immune system. No vaccinations, just healthy food carried her through many years and gave our family endless joy.
When her movements became slower and weaker, the vet was not sure how much longer she had to live. Around that time we were introduced to XANGO’S Mangosteen Juice and we started to add this to her wet food.

Much to her vet’s surprise, Kinky’s inflammation decreased, her mobility stabilized and there were no signs of pain or discomfort. She still could jump up to her favorite lounging chair and chase the birds away from the feeder.

Kinky lived just over 21 years and I honestly believe that the quality of her life was greatly enhanced during the last six years of her life thanks to the good nutrition that XANGO’S Mangosteen Juice provided.

This is the account of Maggie G. of Chilliwack, BC, which is one of the items in 31 Reasons We Love Our Mangosteen. This is a collection of product experiences assembled by the Healthy Business Consulting Team in 2016. The foreword reads as follows:

In this booklet  I am sharing with you some personal experiences from individuals my wife and I personally know. I take great satisfaction in knowing that by sharing XANGO’s line of health and wellness products, I was able to contribute to these success stories, making a positive difference in their lives. To your good health! Ron Gale

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