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a gift from us
Xango is a fast growing company and it is constantly looking for better ways of helping its customers and its distributors to spread the word about the benefits of the mangosteen. If you are a distributor, then Xango will provide you with a free website where your friends and acquaintances can buy the Xango products from you.
The image below shows how this appears. If you wish to see the real website, then just click on the image.

distributor website
That site gives all of that is necessary for your contacts to easily buy the products. However if you wish to grow your business and look for new prospects then Xango is developing a new site which will give you much more flexibility in how you present what you can do for a customer. It is called A Gift From Us and the URL is www.aGIFTfromUS.com The image at the start of this article shows what such a site looks like and you can see the real thing by CLICKING HERE.

If you do wish to become a distributor, then you may wish to take advantage of a limited time special offer. The site is currently being developed but already has much that you will need. Eventually the cost of having this website available to you will be $10 US per month. If you sign up now, then you will be paying only $5 US per month. That can represent quite a saving in the future. As mentioned, this is a limited time offer so if you’re interested then you should act promptly on this.

I did subscribe and am finding the site is extremely good. New items are being added all the time but if you find a particular Xango product is not yet included then you can always find this by going to the previous site shown earlier in this article. Please contact me for more information or if you need help on this.

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