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The image above is featured in a blog post, Fight Dry Skin, by Shelly Maguire in the XANGO Aeris™ blog. If you are concerned by dry skin or wrinkles then this is essential reading for you. Here below are some of the key observations.

A recent study, the first of its kind, followed a group of women over an 11 year period to help determine what happens to our skin, and at what age.

Some participants were as young as age 10 and some as old as age 70. Sophisticated measurement tools analyzed wrinkles, texture, age spots, hydration and firmness.

The most notable finding was that skin hydration is a key parameter affecting skin aging from as early as the age of 10. Having dry or dehydrated skin more than doubles the rate at which lines will develop. That means a 28 year old with dry skin will have a 52% increase in wrinkles by the time she’s 36, whereas a woman of the same age with well hydrated skin will only show a 22% increase.

Proper hydration is essential for the optimization of collagen and Elastin. Moisturizers have the temporary effect of plumping up the skin and the longer lasting effect of keeping skin supple and less prone to the inevitable etching in of lines.

XANGO Aeris™ 2 Minute Miracle Gel™ offers a two-step way to keep skin hydrated. One key ingredient, Antarcticine, is known for its ability to increase the relative hydration level of skin. One study showed that products containing Antarcticine resulted in an increase of 45% hydration (up to 12 hours after application) compared to the same product that did not contain Antarcticine.

The Aeris 2 Minute Miracle Gel also contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is found naturally in most cells of the body. HA is known for its unique ability to bind up to 1000 times its weight in water.

These two powerful proven ingredients (HA and Antarcticine) provide long term anti-aging benefits to help keep skin hydrated and younger looking for years to come.

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