Experience with XALO Ignite & Ageless from someone with a major Stroke and High Blood Pressure

xalo ignite ageless packs
Approximately three year ago I suffered a major stroke while flying to Europe. I ended up in hospital some 3,000 miles away from home, not being able to speak or see. The doctor treating me at the time wanted to give me a clot busting drug to hopefully bring me around. Luckily I didn’t need it and after a few days in hospital managed to get myself together and make my way back to Vancouver.

I was not happy to have to go on medication to lower my cholesterol, thin my blood and lower my blood pressure. I was hoping that there was something out there that would help me beside medication. Ron and Maggie Gale introduced me to XALO Ignite and Ageless and I can honestly say that these products have helped.

I had my 3 month check up with my family doctor and he asked if I had lost weight, or if I had changed my diet. When I told him I had not and I asked him why, he said because my blood pressure was down 10 points from my last check up and that he was really happy. I know it was because of the Ignite I had been taking for the previous six months.

Prior to taking Ageless, I would get up in the morning and my neck would be stiff and every time I tried to move it back and forth there was very limited range. I started taking Ageless and I swear I haven’t changed the way I sleep, I have not added extra pillows or anything that may aid in alleviating the stiffness. The only thing I take at night is Ageless with water and I wake up every morning without the stiffness. Just another XANGO product that I know works for me.

This is the account of Don M. Vancouver, BC, which is one of the items in 31 Reasons We Love Our Mangosteen. This is a collection of product experiences assembled by the Healthy Business Consulting Team in 2016. The foreword in that booklet reads as follows:
Here I am sharing with you some personal experiences from individuals my wife and I personally know. I take great satisfaction in knowing that by sharing XANGO’s line of health and wellness products, I was able to contribute to these success stories, making a positive difference in their lives. To your good health! Ron Gale

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