The XALO® PRO Pack from Xango helps you go the extra mile

xalo propack
Sustaining your peak performance requires a three-dimensional approach. These premium performance products – XALO Limitless, Ignite, and Reload – deliver a comprehensive solution to the daily fight for energy, clarity, and stamina. It’s a simple, effective, 30-day regimen for you — and for you to share!
Here are some summary comments on each of the three products.

XALO® Limitless provides you with a serious energy boost and competitive edge to take on the day.* We take electrolyte-rich coconut water, add the unbeatable energy of green tea, taurine and Korean ginseng, then finish it off with a xanthone-rich mangosteen boost. It’s everything you need to get out and do more.

XALO® Ignite combines premium ingredients to help your blood vessels relax and dilate, delivering critical nutrients and oxygen for peak performance of your muscles, tissues and organs. Enhanced oxygen circulation allows for increased performance and focus, keeping you sharp physically and mentally.

XALO® Reload provides you key ingredients designed to build lean muscle, increase strength and reduce muscle loss. It’s the go-to recovery supplement that curbs the wear and tear of daily living—while promoting a lean and strong physique. Revive. Recover. Reload.

Note that the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

For the XALO Pro Pack, you can get more information by clicking here. Full details that you can print out (PDF) are available here. If you would like to buy the XALO Pro Pack, then just click here to visit the online store.


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