Benefits of the mangosteen fruit – the science

The mangosteen contains many xanthones that are proving to have many beneficial results on some key health problems.

dr tAt the Vista meeting on April 8 in Langley, Dr. Fred Templeman gave a fascinating talk about the science that is developing on the benefits of the mangosteen fruit. Much of the most interesting work is being done in the Far East and the results are being published and can be found at the PubMed website.

A search on the site for ‘mangosteen xanthones’ currently shows 222 papers have been published. Almost a third of these are connected with the effects of xanthones on cancer cells.

For a more extensive list of the benefits that have been noted, the list shown below was developed by Dr. James Duke. He worked for 35 years for the United States Department of Agriculture. He is a renowned ethnobotanist and has made his studies available to medical professionals and lay people. Over 100 amazing properties of the mangosteen fruit are catalogued in his database. Here are a few, which he provides subject to the following disclaimer:
Disclaimer: No medical advice is being given or implied here. All health analysis and advice should be gotten from competent licensed medical professionals. Your results may vary.
22 mangosteen benefits

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