Make the XANGO Goodness Meal Pack Your Charity Donation

By donating Xango Goodness Meal Packs, you can provide real help to people in extreme need around the world.

xango goodness foundation
The Xango philosophy is that companies that do well should also do good. For over a decade, XANGO has dedicated large amounts of research, resources and time to finding a way to give back to those in need through the Xango Goodness Foundation. The XANGO Goodness Meal Pack is the culmination of those efforts.

Watch the following video to learn a little bit about the Xango Goodness Foundation and the Meal Pack program. We invite you to become a part of the XANGO Goodness movement and to donate a meal to hungry men, women and children by clicking on the Donate button below. 

When you join this Goodness effort, XanGo pays the shipping to these remote areas and there are no taxes or handling charges added to your cost. At the beginning of each year, you are mailed a document detailing your charitable donations to use for tax purposes. This is one of the best ways of getting real help to families who really need it. Why not do this today.


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  1. Xango has also been involved with AmeriCares, which runs feeding programs and humanitarian relief in developing nations.  Malnourished children around the world are eating Xango Meal Packs, which are meal replacement products.

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