Catch the Wave Access Codes – a Value-packed Way to Join the Zija Natural Health Revolution

Zija has Catch the Wave Access Codes to provide a value packed way to participate in the Natural Health Revolution and develop your own Life Unlimited.

catch the wave
Many are now joining Zija Natural Health Revolution in order to improve their wellness and quality of life. If you are looking for a home based business opportunity, then this is a great way to attain your Life Unlimited. This is fully explained in another article on this site where Dr. Joshua Plant describes the Natural Health Revolution (NHR)

For some this includes a weight management program and again there is an article on the site which describes Weight management with the Zija NHR (Natural Health Revolution) system.

Zija is now offering a value packed way to join in this Zija Natural Health Revolution. This involves the use of Catch the Wave Access Codes, which are more fully described on the Catch The Wave page.

I am happy to say I have a limited number of these Catch the Wave Access Codes. If you would like to have one of these, please contact me. You should act promptly since the codes expire on August 24 and you will wish to explore exactly what is available before that.

I would recommend that you first explore what Zija is offering through my Xango-Zija website.

When you are ready to order your Second Wave Position Pack, you can again do this through that same website. As you will see in the image below, at the right hand end of the menu navigation bar there is a more lightly coloured menu choice, SECOND WAVE. By clicking on that, you will be able to use your Catch the Wave Access Code as you purchase your Second Wave Position Pack.

nhr second wave website

When you redeem your Access Code you can purchase the $40 USD/25 PV Second Wave Position Pack*, which includes:

  • 4 NHR 1-Day Sharing Packs with samples of SuperMix, Dutch Chocolate Plant Protein, XMburn, and Premium Tea
  • 1 XM3 4-Day Sample Pack with a 25% coupon code for future XM3 purchase
  • 10 Access Codes of your own to share, emailed instantly, which means you can share this great opportunity with your friends
  • A spot on the team of the person who shared the code with you; the faster you use the code, the better your spot
  • Enroll immediately with Wholesale Membership Fee waived
  • Enjoy a personalized replicated website and Member Back Office
If you have any questions on this, I can answer them when you contact me to request your own Catch the Wave Access Code.

To take advantage of your spot and maximize what you will gain through your Zija Membership, you should upgrade to an NHR System within 28 days of redeeming your Access Code. You will then receive some of Zija’s best products as well as your own Access Codes to share.

The cutting-edge health, wellness and beauty products in the Zija NHR systems allow individuals to look and feel their best, be more active, and in turn share the Natural Health Revolution with their friends. Brief details on the available NHR systems are as follows.

  • NHR Basic System – $199/150 PV Includes 10 Access Codes!
  • NHR Enhanced System – $330/250 PV Includes 20 Access Codes!
  • NHR Gold System – $660/500 PV Includes 30 Access Codes!
  • NHR Diamond System – $1320/1000 PV Includes 40 Access Codes!
Why not text message me or email me this very moment to find out more or to get one of the Access Codes.

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