Wellness vs Sickness with Moringa and Mangosteen

This video presentation by Dr. John Edwards on the mangosteen and the moringa tree explains the importance of health care as opposed to sickness cure.

mangosteen moringa
john edwardsThe video below is produced by the Xango by Zija University. It features Dr. John Edwards who is talking about Moringa and Mangosteen. Here is how he introduces himself:
My focus is on the mangosteen and research on it and I’ve dedicated 10 years of my life to encouraging wellness as opposed to disease prevention. I want to applaud Zija for helping to lead the way in what we’re calling today the natural health revolution. I see more and more people are investing more effort in health care as opposed to sickness care.

The video lasts some 39 minutes so you will find the following key slides he uses in his presentation will give you a summary of what he presents.

The first is his introductory slide which features the fundamental question he is raising. Depending on which country you live in, health care can be very costly and in some cases only available after lengthy delays. It is better by far to be spending money on those factors which will improve your wellness rather than holding reserves to pay for the very costly bills if you are sick.

health care vs. sick care
Zija provides the solution if you are targeting health care in the products it produces from the mangosteen and the moringa tree.

problem solved

The mangosteen contains a host of xanthones and other antioxidants particularly in the rind or pericarp. It has been used for centuries in Asia and India.


The Moringa tree or Markkula tree also known as the drumstick tree based on how it appears is the most nutrient dense tree in the world. The Buddhist monks in the Himalayas have been using it for centuries.

miracle treeWhat makes the Zija mangosteen and the Zija Moringa stand out from the rest is the Quality Control applied in the certification grade facilities where they are made.


Here now is the video with Dr. Edwards presentation.

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