Mangosteen for Horses – other stories

Christine Schwab of Calgary, Alberta in a previous post described her life changing results with mangosteen juice. This suggested it could be beneficial for problems with horses. She found that it greatly affected her animals’ quality of life, as well as avoiding some costly vet bills. Using something natural to help the bodies of both humans and animals work optimally is a win win for everyone. Here are the stories of 3 more horses who have experienced the benefits that the mangosteen can provide. Continue reading “Mangosteen for Horses – other stories”

Mangosteen for Horses

Christine Schwab of Calgary, Alberta describes her experience with mangosteen juice in the following account.

After being diagnosed with severe Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and given a very poor prognosis for returning to a normal life, I had such life changing results from the mangosteen juice that I began to experiment by using the juice with our animals.

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