Mangosteen for Horses – other stories

Christine Schwab of Calgary, Alberta in a previous post described her life changing results with mangosteen juice. This suggested it could be beneficial for problems with horses. She found that it greatly affected her animals’ quality of life, as well as avoiding some costly vet bills. Using something natural to help the bodies of both humans and animals work optimally is a win win for everyone. Here are the stories of 3 more horses who have experienced the benefits that the mangosteen can provide.

Sam’s Story

There was a young Warmblood that was out playing in the field and he slipped falling hard on his backside on top of the ice and snow.

He developed a very large hematoma on the side of his hip (approx 8 or 9 inches in diameter and filled with blood). It looked like a hot water bottle (except bigger) – You had to see it to believe it. He was in noticeable pain, limping like he had a huge Charlie-horse in his leg.

They had tried several holistic remedies and treatments with no luck, and the last option would be to lance it – but that came with the risk of further complications or infection.

After giving the mangosteen juice to him, in a couple of days, there was a noticeable difference in the swelling and by the end of the week, we saw a drastically smaller hematoma.

Caesar’s Story

Another horse out at the stable – an Arabian gelding in his early 20’s who hurt himself, by kicking out at another horse, wound up connecting with something hard instead. After a vet check, chiropractic work and several weeks of treatments, his condition had deteriorated.

To see the horse walk, he could barely flex his back leg. It looked more like he was dragging his leg behind him, trying not to bear much weight on it.

Now there was a strong suspicion that this was something actually genetic, which would only worsen with time, so the owner was giving him until the end of the week, and if there was no improvement, they were thinking of putting him down. We gave them a bottle of juice to try on him.

Within a week of giving the horse the mangosteen juice, there was a huge improvement. He was moving easier, and his eyes were brighter again. Several weeks later the owner was able to start light riding with him.

Lucky Girl’s Story

Another horse – a mare in her late twenties – had become very crippled with arthritis to the point that her front legs were somewhat misshapen with huge swollen arthritic knees.

She walked very slowly and had difficulty lifting her front legs more than a few inches to step over things. We tried the juice with her, and after about a week the owner told me that she saw her horse walking briskly and even saw her trot friskily in her paddock – something she had not seen in quite a while.

You know what we find so amazing is how powerful this juice is, even stacked up against some of the biggest drugs out there for the horses. That’s half the battle sometimes trying to get people to try it with these big animals. And what’s amazing, is how little juice it takes to see results with them.

I think that’s because their bodies are not polluted with toxins like ours have gotten to be.

The above was provided by Ron Gale, Fitness Consultant
Healthy Business Consulting Ltd.
Vancouver, BC

Mangosteen for Horses

Christine Schwab of Calgary, Alberta describes her experience with mangosteen juice in the following account.

After being diagnosed with severe Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and given a very poor prognosis for returning to a normal life, I had such life changing results from the mangosteen juice that I began to experiment by using the juice with our animals.

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