PiiX Weight Management with Beverly Hollister and Kelly Allred

The PiiX Weight Management Products are proving to be an effective way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

Join XANGO Board Member Beverly Hollister and Director of Distributor Relations Kelly Allred as they go over the powerful ingredients of the new Weight Management System by PiiX. 

This is an excellent and very full presentation about the three products, PiiX Cleanse, PiiX Burn and PiiX Control, that form part of the PiiX Weight Management program. It was produced as the products were introduced widely to the Xango community early in 2017. Click on the image below to see the video on Facebook. … and be a little patient as there is a 100 second wait before the presentation starts (or click with your mouse at the 100 second mark). Continue reading “PiiX Weight Management with Beverly Hollister and Kelly Allred”

Benefits of the mangosteen fruit – the science

The mangosteen contains many xanthones that are proving to have many beneficial results on some key health problems.

dr tAt the Vista meeting on April 8 in Langley, Dr. Fred Templeman gave a fascinating talk about the science that is developing on the benefits of the mangosteen fruit. Much of the most interesting work is being done in the Far East and the results are being published and can be found at the PubMed website. Continue reading “Benefits of the mangosteen fruit – the science”

The XALO® PRO Pack from Xango helps you go the extra mile

Sustaining your peak performance requires a three-dimensional approach. These premium performance products – XALO Limitless, Ignite, and Reload – deliver a comprehensive solution to the daily fight for energy, clarity, and stamina. It’s a simple, effective, 30-day regimen for you — and for you to share! Continue reading “The XALO® PRO Pack from Xango helps you go the extra mile”