cyclingWhat is wellness? It should not be interpreted narrowly as merely an absence of disease. A total view of wellness is that you can enjoy life to the fullest.

There are many factors that can influence that full enjoyment of life. Consider these questions that may be influencing your enjoyment.

  • Are you physically able to do everything you would like to be doing?
  • Do you have a problem remembering things that you should do?
  • Are you at peace with the world and enjoy living life in the moment?
  • Do you feel emotionally strong or are you withdrawn from those close to you?
  • Are you happy in your relationships with your family and friends?
  • Do you enjoy what you are doing most days or are there frustrations?
  • Do you feel financial pressures or can you manage to live worry free?
  • Are you doing enough to protect your environment so that it will be sustainable for the long term?
These are some of the areas which people include in their search for true wellness. They are all important.

In tackling these various dimensions of wellness, it clearly is important that your body is in good health. Perhaps you are already aware that the body is very complex and has a number of important systems that must function perfectly for you to be able to perform as you wish.  That is why there is now such emphasis on alternative and holistic health matters.

In some ways the most important of these is the digestive system. You may be aware that the stomach employs some very powerful chemistry to ensure you get the nutrients and energy you wish from the food you consume.
fruit  and vegetables
This involves the production of what are called free radicals. These are very aggressive chemicals which are required to digest your food. However if there is an excess of them, they can attack parts of your body. This is why it is recommended to eat foods which contain antioxidants. Fruits and berries are important for this. This is where the mangosteen shines.

The xanthones contained in the mangosteen have a variety of beneficial functions for various systems in the body. If you check some of the testimonials on this website, you can get an idea of just how powerful are the benefits the mangosteen can bring to you.

The other key ingredient, which features in the Zija products, is the so-called ‘Miracle Tree’, Moringa Oleifera.  This is packed with protein and many important food nutrients. It can be an important support to any weight management program. Some most impressive results have been achieved by those who use these products.