What is a Mangosteen

The Mangosteen fruit is the key core ingredient in many of the Xango products, and in particular in Xango Juice.

Mangosteen Origin and History

The mangosteen fruit originated in the Malay Archipelago of Indonesia and quickly spread throughout the warm tropical climates of Southeast Asia . The small dark purple fruit with a delicious white pulp grows abundantly and is harvested twice a year from a small evergreen tree. However it takes 7 years before the tree produces this amazing fruit.

Native people throughout Southeast Asia have historically used the fruit for its natural properties. When Europeans explored Southeast Asia then the folklore related to the mangosteen spread quickly throughout western culture. Transporting the fresh fruit was very challenging. The story goes that Queen Victoria in the United Kingdom was very enthusiastic about this fruit and supposedly offered a knighthood or a large sum of money to whoever could bring her copious quantities. This may be a myth but nevertheless mangosteen is often known as the Queen of Fruit.

It was not until XanGo launched XanGo Juice in 2002 that mangosteen began to achieve widespread recognition and acceptance in western markets, such as the U.S. and Canada.

Some Traditional Ways of using Mangosteen

  • The mangosteen rind was sliced and dried, then ground to a powder and administered as an herbal preparation.
  • The mangosteen rind was steeped in water overnight and taken as a tea.
  • The mangosteen rind was made into an ointment and applied externally as a lotion.
It was through these popular uses that the benefits of mangosteen were passed down through history and several scientists and explorers took note.

It should be mentioned that the mangosteen is so revered in Thailand that the Thai government recognizes it as the country’s national fruit.

What Mangosteen can do for you

In simple terms, the juice of the mangosteen can be an incredible support to your wellness actions.  It can do similar things for your pets and animals.  For a more in-depth explanation of what the mangosteen offers, the video shown below by Dr. Fred Templeman is excellent. It is titled “The Mangosteen: Introduction”.

You can find information on the health benefits that the mangosteen can offer in a post on the Benefits of the mangosteen fruit – the science.