Zija International

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Zija International is the direct selling legacy company founded by Ken Brailsford, the “Grandfather of Herbal Encapsulation”. He has mentored some of the most recognized company leaders in direct sales while serving as co-founder of Nature’s Sunshine and founder of Enrich International (now Unicity).

Zija International was founded on the idea that a better life is possible with the right combination of products, opportunity, timing and endeavor. Its cutting-edge health, wellness and beauty products allow individuals to look and feel their best, be more active, and share the Natural Health Revolution. The unique and simple Zija opportunity provides unprecedented financial and time freedom to countless individuals worldwide. We invite everyone to bring their all and become their best, stretching and growing in the journey toward building their own Life Unlimited.

Zija has the following product groups, to which the Xango products will now be added.  You can get more information on each product group by clicking on the name.

The following video gives a good introduction to Zija and to the Natural Health Revolution made possible by the magical Moringa tree. Through this by sharing with your friends this “gift”, you can be on the way to a Life Unlimited.