Zija Opportunity

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More and more people are joining the Natural Health Revolution as they seek the best quality of life. The Xango and Zija products are important and valuable supports to that lifestyle. By becoming a Zija distributor you can help many others and develop a growth oriented home-based business.  Contact Us for more information and we will help you to be a success.

It’s your time

The Zija turnkey business model has easy-to-use tools, unmatched support and a lucrative compensation plan. This makes starting and building your own successful Zija business a reality. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the health, wellness and beauty industry, which is the next trillion-dollar economic sector. You can benefit from a number of features of the business model.

Retail Sales

You can earn income by purchasing products at wholesale prices and selling them at retail prices. You keep the profit.

Fast start commissions

You can earn 15 or 25 percent of your newly-enrolled Zija members’ first order volume.

Team commissions

You’ll be compensated based on successfully building two Legs of your own Downline distributor team. Your Sponsor or Upline may also place people in your Downline, and these people will count toward your Team Commissions and Rank qualification.

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